Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hey, Spider Crab !

Let me get right to it.

Normally I'd give you a run down of some sort but this time I am choosing to get right to the accomplishments of this week. You saw what I did there? Haha, you may have noticed I indirectly still gave you a run down your attempting to understanding by now. Do not be frantic its just a little fun.

Kye's 'Awe' face
On a serious note, our new session started today. It was not the easiest of days but definitely one well worth it. Many of our new campers apart of our fishing club can actually be considered novice fisherman. Not that were professionals or anything of that sort. SIKE. We at Save the Harbor are excellent fishermen/women. Just in our first day we landed two skate, tons of red rock crab, a couple sea bass bites and so much more.
The most impactful moment of our day though was watching our new friend, Kye, become so eager to understand what a Spider Crab was. He starred at it closely observing all of its legs and pincers with a face only describable by one word, awe. He had so many questions and we had all the right answers. Unfortunately after telling him he could not keep the crab, he assisted us in releasing it and the other catches of the day.

If today does not scream success I truly do not know what does.


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