Sunday, August 7, 2016

One Rainy Day

Hey Guys,
My Original Drawing
Tuesday started out as a typical day at Piers Park. We played games on the lawn as the kids came to camp, and then we did a lesson on Sharks. After that we went down to the dock as we do everyday, and then came back up for lunch, then off to the park. Not much excitement other than catching another fish in the crab trap. But while we were at the park it started raining, so we quickly got everyone together and brought them back to the tent. While we were under the tent, Zach got some paper and some markers and handed them out. He told the kids to make up their own marine animal and to name it and be able to explain it. This was just something to pass the time as we waited for the rain to stop. I got my own piece of paper, and of course because I am not as creative as the kids, I tried to draw Ariel. I am clearly not the best artist, I mean, the picture I drew was not very good, but all the kids loved it.
My drawing after a few kids added some stuff
My drawing started out as a simple poorly drawn mermaid, surrounded by a few fish, with sand, a starfish and some seaweed. But clearly these kids are way more creative than me. They added some squid, some jellyfish, a dolphin, a shark, a stingray, some sea urchin and just a few decorations. They all got so excited to think of marine animals that they knew that they could draw. And of course a few of them got discouraged that their drawing was bad, but an easy fix to that was just to tell them how bad my own drawing was.
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