Monday, August 8, 2016

One Relaxed Day

Hi guys I'm back!

Well, this summer has been very busy and I am positive that we all needed one day of relaxation away from kids, even though we love them very much. Well, even though this year was my first year at Save the Harbor, I've heard that it was different from the past years. I was really looking forward to see Bruce and Patty bringing their boat and make burgers and hot dogs, because that's what I heard happens every Staff Day. But I guess this year plans changed. Even though I was super excited to go to Lovells Island for the first time because I wanted to see something different and be at a place that I've never been to, I was still excited to end up at Spectacle Island.

I have been to Spectacle Island before but it was a very long time ago. I enjoyed every minute of it today: the sun, the beach, the company and the food. Everything was great. I think we all needed this day away from everyone and everything, just us alone.

My favorite part of the day was when it was time to go to the beach. Although it was very hot, the water was super cold. I tried to go in but I couldn't, then Andrea decided to throw water at me and there was no point to not getting in. Ahmed was not trying to get in the water, and since I am always trouble and I always try to wet people, I tried running after him to wet him but as we all know he is pretty big with long legs. Even if you give your all energy to run, you still wouldn't catch him. I almost gave up but I didn't and I got a little splash on him. If I really wanted to get him wet, I should've told all the guys to help me and throw him in the water with his clothes and all.

Thank you for having us today, I appreciate it and I can't wait to get back to my kids at Blacks Creek.

Bye Bye!
Until Next Time,


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