Monday, August 1, 2016

Our Favorite Returners

Hi everyone!

Jessie here reporting after another great week at the Boston Children's Museum.

At the museum, we interact with almost 2,000 people a week. While many people we meet are from the Boston area, most are tourists coming from all across the country and all over the world. It is very exciting to interact with all of these different people, even if most of our interactions are less than 5 minutes each. Because of this, most of the people we see only once, and never again (unless we see them on their way out of the museum too, of course).

However, we do have a few returning families who visit us often. They just can't get enough fishing! Many of the parents make a point to tell us that their kids just wouldn't get this kind of chance anywhere else, and they are so appreciative of our presence on the Fort Point Channel. The possibility of catching a fish with us keeps these kids coming back week after week, after much time spent begging their parents I am sure.

These are two of my favorite returners, twins Max and Sean. They frequently visit us around their trips to the museum, and usually spend time fishing multiple times throughout the day around museum play and lunch time.

Fishing with a view!
Max and Sean are only 6 years old, but they are becoming quite the little fishermen. While they haven't been lucky enough to make a catch yet, Sean recently pulled in a crab on his fishing line, and that seems to have provided enough excitement to last him until he or his brother do catch a fish.

Until next time! You can find me fishing on the pier with Max, Sean, and others from all over the world!

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