Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beach Bash and Splash

Hey guys, it's Ary again. Friday August 5th, 2016 was the Beach Bash and Splash. This would have to be the biggest event in the summer for the kids. Save the Harbor Save the Bay put together an awesome day for the kids. I was gladly placed at clamming. I like clamming, especially when the kids get into it; the painful squatting to try and not get wet makes it all so much more worth it. Sadly, just as the kids were starting to really dig some deep holes to try and find more clams, the tide came in and clamming was done for the day. So I decided to help rally up some groups of kids to listen to some pirate stories from Mary Read
Then it was time for the splash! First we lined up the kids and we did our "fisherman song." We had the kids sing along with us. This picture is all of the kids that came to the event. A beach full of children that has so much fun. About right after this picture was taken, we all ran as fast as we could into the nice cool filled ocean. 
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