Sunday, August 7, 2016


 photo IMG_20160708_152655513_HDR_zpsvxoi9aul.jpgI never thought that Kayaking would have been so calm and peaceful. Kids wanted to stop and relax for a minute, just to observe and feel the cool Harbor water. It was really hot this week, and the first thing that I did when we went down to the dock was taking out a Kayak and asking the kids if they wanted to kayak. Many wanted to go, but I could only take three kids with me to fit on the kayak. I decided to make the trips short so all the kids could have a chance to kayak. On every ride, the kids wanted to paddle, so I let them and then tried to have some type of conversation with them. While they were paddling for about five minutes, the kids decided to stop paddling and relax. All the kids put their hands in the water and some put both hands and feet in. I was really amazed on how the kids treated and took care of the water. Every time they saw a plastic bag or any type of trash in the water, they wanted to go where ever the trash was to try to take it out. Although the kids wanted to keep kayaking, the time and the amount of kids that wanted to kayak was the reason that the rides had to be short. Putting my face up facing the sun and laying down in the kayak while touching the water is something that I'll never forget about this summer.

- Cristian Berlioz

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