Monday, August 8, 2016

Beach Bash

Hi everyone!

So last week on Friday, we had what is called the Beach Splash. It was a great program! Everything was just great and everyone was on top of their games. I did the face painting table and it was wonderful. I was very thrilled when Amyy said I was doing face painting. I love painting and I love makeup, so it was like a combination of two things that I enjoy doing put together. I had a wonderful experience. Although I thought they were giving us real face paint supplies, it was just face crayons, but those still worked out pretty well.

I absolutely loved watching the kids' faces when they got to see the results of the face paint. We tried hard to get as close as possible to the pictures that the kids wanted us to paint on their faces. Every kid loved their design and I was very happy that they liked what we worked so hard to do. I even gave myself face paint as well. That way when they walked by us they got more motivated to get their face painted.

The kids really loved how the painting on their faces came out and I was very touched and happy that I could make them happy. It was a very great experience and I love how Save the Harbor/Save the Bay gives me the opportunity to do things I have never done before.

Towards lunch time, though, that's when the trouble begun. Us staff starting splashing each other and running after one another to get each other wet. I have experience at wetting people because whenever I go to Carson Beach that's what I usually do to my peers. But it's much more fun when you have the whole staff gang up against each other. I enjoyed every minute of that day and it was great to be there with all those wonderful people. If I didn't get the chance to wet you, you were lucky.

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