Monday, August 8, 2016

The game of strategy

This past week was an interesting one. The weather was up and down, we went on a fishing trip, and I found a new hobby. My co-workers taught me how to play chess while on the boat on the way to work one day. I instantly loved it and I asked my parents to buy one that day. There is a man who works on the island who is known as the “Chess Master” and we all play against him. He is a very good player and he taught me how to beat someone in just three moves. I enjoy playing my co-worker Ahmed because he doesn’t mind how new I am to the game. Both Ahmed and the Chess Master said that I was actually pretty good for a person who learned a couple of days ago.


As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Thursday was the last day of session one at Camp Harbor View. On thursday we brought the kids to the Fort on the Island in order to stay out of the sun for once. It was really cool to think that soldiers used to fight right where we were standing. My group at Camp Harbor View has a lot of fun with everything we do whether it’s chess, talking on the boat or the fishing trip. I am looking forward to Session two this Tuesday!Image.jpg


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