Monday, August 8, 2016

Save the Harbor/Save the Boxers

It was an early Monday morning. The crew was rallied up and ready to tackle one of our final weeks. To gauge attention of persons, children, and beach-goers we (Luke, Chris, Joe, Abel & I) grabbed a few shovels and started replicating a beach couch we had saw on the internet. It was not an easy task. We failed twice but as the cliche goes, third time was a charm. At one point we had our own pre-Olympic type events that grabbed the attention of a few persons on the beach.

If you know anything about me personally yet I would hope that it about my love for dogs. With a love for dogs comes an immediate affection for them. We met a great new friend on this slow Monday. A stray dog by the name of Jax. Before finding out his name on the collar we checked we chose to dub him "Red Rocket." He was a happy, jittery, beautiful boxer. Fully healthy and energetic. Joe and I raced up and down the beach to find the owner of this amazing dog with zero luck. Thankfully, his collar had adequate information on it to allow us to return him to his owner. Jax seemed a bit tired and dehydrated so we fed him some water in the meantime.

The frantic owner picked up the phone and was ecstatic that we had called to inform her that we found the dog. Our team did well! Lauren, the owner of Jax, sent her friend Jeff and her daughter to get the dog as we waited by the beach house. It was a great reunion for the McCormack housing residents.


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