Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beware the Giant Beach Ball

Hey guys! Last night, we had the second Family Fun Night of the summer on Carson Beach. This time, we had a nice set up for fish printing again. But we also introduced some new games and activities to the families who came out to hang with us! We brought a GIANT inflatable beach ball to the beach. Let me tell you, that was as much a hit for the kids as it was for the staff and other adults in attendance! Although it went rogue on us a couple of times, we still had an absolute blast with it!

Also, with music playing the entire night, you know that some harbor explorers (yours truly included) had to make an appearance on the makeshift "dance floor" at the front of the pavilion. We had a blast dancing to Cha Cha Slide with some new friends and old. Some of us stayed dancing throughout the evening, making up choreography with kids and having a great time like we were kids ourselves. We had many more families than last time, which was such a treat! With the cooler air, more people came to check out this awesome event on the beach and learn about what their neighborhood beaches can offer on a daily basis!

We had an absolute blast with Norah the Storyteller (aka Mary Read the Pirate), sports on the beach, hula hoop contests, marble searches, dance-offs, chalk drawings, fish printing and just getting to know new and old faces in one of our favorite spots, Carson Beach! Another successful Family Fun Night, just another successful Better Beaches Event!

See y'all at the Beach Bash and Splash!


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