Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Get Sedny Out!"

Hey everyone!

It's me again, ready to share my unique and unforgettable summer experiences at Blacks Creek. We never run out of fun things to do. The kids are always ready to do exciting and fun things. This week in particular, we switched things up just a little. The kids love playing Ga-ga ball so we started doing that early in the morning rather then after snack just because the Quincy Recreation kids have to play after snack. Anyway, the kids always try to get me out of the game because I usually stay for the longest in the game. But this week, its been  very crazy fun. Everyone shouts: "Get Sedny out, get Sedny out..." Well, it's fun to play with them, especially when they say to get me out. It makes me feel that I am doing what am supposed to be doing and those kids are having a very fun summer. I honestly love
playing any games with them.

I usually lead the after-snack games, and when we are not playing Ga-ga ball, some kids are doing kick ball and others are usually with me either playing Museum, Uncle Sam or the Blink Killer, among other fun activities. The point is, the kids are always being active and moving around doing a variety of things. This week, when we were at the field playing Uncle Sam, three girls were apart doing gymnastics. I was surprised at what they were able to do. It was very cool, I enjoyed watching those three doing what they like to do.

Usually in the morning if there are kids who do not want to go in the water, I let them color. It's really fun because it is just a couple of them and it's very bonding that way too. That is when they tell you about their interests, what they like to do at home, their favorite hobbies and many other things. It is much more fun because I like to hear the kids out. I like to get to know them and it's good because I care about each and every one that I work with.

Well,that's it for now! Hope you guys are all having fun, and getting darker just like I have gotten.
Until next time,

Sedny A.

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