Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Piers Park Adventues

Being at Piers Park is such a different atmosphere compared to the Children's Museum. For the first time this summer I got the chance to go to Piers Park before the week ended. It was completely different, like I said before. Although it sort of rained on our parade it was the best being able to interact with kids that lived around the common area. But, the rain didn't stop us at all. We played jeopardy and listened to different subjects being taught. I have never seen groups of kids so emotional and enthusiastic to play a game. After a few rounds it got very intense, and I understood why the kids acted the way they did. In the beginning the kids in my group had beat every group but then eventually for a few rounds the kids started losing. But then bam! We got our streak back up there, up so high that we had over ten thousand points. Don't ask me how, we just did! Then it was the final round and kids only bet a thousand points... although we ended up losing we never lost our dignity and respect. Surprisingly after the game ended we went up to the park for a little then headed for the docks. That was my absolute favorite part because it reminded me so much of last year and kayaking everyday with the kids and they also loved it. While I kayaked, the others either went sailing, fishing, or exploring the touch tank. There was just so much to do, I can not wait to be back.

-Isabella Perez-Alvarez

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