Sunday, August 7, 2016

Seafood Festival 2k16!!!

Hey Guys,
So this afternoon I had the pleasure of working at the Seafood Festival! It was a beautiful day, a little hot, so it was nice that we had a tent set up. So many kids came to paint clam shells. Not only that, but the festival was full of music, face painting, airbrush tattoos and most importantly food! A couple girls had this really cute idea to take multiple shells and paint each one a solid color and then write one letter on each shell which would spell out their names. I tried
painting my own shell but I am not the worlds best artist, but as Cris pointed out, my shell ended up looking like Dory. There were so many cool people there! I saw people dressed as Ariel and her dad, I saw people dressed as lobsters and crabs and fish, and I saw a couple of pirates beside our own Mary Read, including the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. It was a good festival full of good times while being surrounded by good people. I'm so glad I was able to work at and enjoy this festival because of Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay!
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