Thursday, July 6, 2017

Back Again!

Hi Everybody!
  My name is Sam and this is my third summer with Save the Harbor! I'm so excited to be back and I can't wait to make some new memories.

Enjoying the beach even on my days off!
  Some fun facts about me:
    I absolutely love dogs and have one of my own named Mickaleen! I love to play soccer in my spare time and I've just started to learn to play rugby. I'm going to be a sophomore at UMass Amherst this fall and I graduated from the O' Bryant where Ms. Ryan was my teacher and softball coach!

     One of my favorite things about working with Save the Harbor is the impact you have on the lives of some of the kids. For some, it's just another field trip but for others it's a chance to experience something new. Last summer I had the chance to meet a young man who was on a field trip with his summer camp! He had never been on the harbor and had a bunch of questions of the different islands and the fish that lived in the water. He told me all about his sister and his parents and about his paintball gun and his bicycle. He asked me to eat lunch with him and his friends when we got to the island and they tried teaching me about different Pokemon (I didn't understand at all). On the way home from Spectacle I saw him and he told me all about his day! He told me about how he went swimming and tried fishing. He came back a few weeks later for a trip to George's Island and he got so excited when he saw me I just heard him yelling "Sam! Sam!". It was amazing to me that he remembered me and had even more questions and stories to tell me about! I can't wait to make some more memories like this one!

Have A Great Summer!

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