Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rain Rain, Go Away

Hello viewers,

A rainy days catch
     This week has been followed by so much bad weather and LOTS of Green Crabs. Why is this you ask? Well, according to my understanding mother nature would like to rain on our parades this afternoon, and the crabs, well apparently they love rain. Or maybe it is just the flounder I filleted for their last meals. Overall this summer has been fun for me as well as our peers I would hope. I never really got to notice the excitement on those kids faces when they caught a crab or even their first time fishing or holding a rod.

    I finally got rid of my fear for crabs and grew to actually admire their beauty. In the span of two days we dropped a bucket, lost two crab traps and dropped Edwards cane. I have so much fun interacting with kids and parents. So far I have not been with an upset kid or any of that sort. I am hoping in these next few days we will the best time ever and cancel out Monday's bad luck.
Rain caused us to move under the tent

Today, with the help of Sam we caught a moon jelly! I got to hold my first jellyfish and now that I think of it I know why they are called that. As a team we have only grown so much and our bond is great. From working together and teaching kids to fish, to the lunch table where we sit and talk about our day and what we need to do.      

Until next time,
Jennifer Rosa

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