Sunday, July 16, 2017

Showdown at CHV!

The small fish got caught up in the crab trap
Thursday was a frigid and somewhat slow day at Camp Harbor View, but once again we managed to make it a fun, and interesting day. Technically we caught our second fish of the summer, however the fish was caught with a crab trap, as opposed to a fishing rod. The fish was so small and did not look familiar, making us unsure about the name of the fish. There was also a crab in the trap, which is more typical (obviously). The kid who caught the fish was very protective of it and demanded we filled a bucket of water and placed it in there. So we did as the camper wished and placed the fish in the bucket, we also put the crab in there, which provided for some very interesting entertainment.
The crab gets a grip on the fish


At first the fish and the crab were minding their own business in their respective sides of the bucket, but soon enough the crab was chasing around the fish and trying to get hold of a fresh meal. All of the campers started gathering around the bucket, and we watched the fish trying to escape from the crabs claw. When it was time to go to next period, we released the animals, while the kids still wanted to see more sea creatures. We promised them that in their next period we would find animals just as exciting to look at and learn about
Until Next Time, Abel Yohannes

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