Sunday, July 9, 2017

So It Begins!

Orientation and our first days are now completed! I remember going to Georges Island and David doing his best to scare all of us with his ghost stories, 9/10 times he was successful. I went in knowing what I should expect from this trip, prepared to not get wrapped up in his ghost stories, but there was a change in Islands! We took a trip out to Spectacle Island instead, getting to visit this island is always such a treat so I was excited about this change but I'm sure David was sad he wouldn't get to scare anyone that day. It's amazing how certain things come back to you, we went through a ton of information that is going to be helpful at all the sites we work!

This summer I am stationed at Blacks Creek, I was hesitant at first, only because I had never been there before and wasn't sure what to expect. The first days I felt stiff, attempting to figure out what a normal day would look like and what my specific role would look like. We played a few warming up games so that the children would feel comfortable and then we got right into it with our exploring. We were catching crabs and the children were ecstatic about this but we came across a horseshoe crab  and everyone went crazy. I never thought we could catch one this summer let alone at Blacks Creek! What a great way to start the summer off.

Catch ya later,

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