Monday, July 10, 2017

The First Week At Piers

Our job officially started July 5th. I was excited to start the work with the kids at Pier's Park. On that Wednesday I made sure before I left the house I packed everything I needed for Pier's. We began by playing in the lawn by the playground and I had a lot of fun with it. After that we had went over a few rules and introduced ourselves. After that we got our life jackets and went to the dock. The kids were really excited for fishing. As soon as they saw the rods they rushed up to us and tried to get one. The kids went sailing, kayaking, and fishing (along with pulling up the crab traps and playing with the crabs). Once that was all said and done we ate lunch. We soon after went to the playground and most of the kids changed into their swim clothes and played around the sprinklers and the playground while splashing each other with water and making their own water slide. I'm pretty sure they also made some new friends at the park. Their excited attitudes really make me miss childhood. 

After that we went back to playing on the lawn. We played a huge game of capture the flag and I defended the flag multiple times. Even though Garrett got passed me and scored, our team ended up winning the game! Next, we went back to the dock and did the same things we did earlier and checked the crab traps again. Then while Raymond and Briana were still at the docks finishing up. The rest of the staff went to the tent with the kids and made them have their snack. Once they finished eating they all went home one by one and that was the end of the Wednesday. The same things had happened Thursday only we played different games and we even caught a fish in the crab trap. That Thursday was pretty regular stuff but still was very fun. 

Then, a very gloomy Friday had came around. We did the same things we did Wednesday and Thursday in the beginning of the day such as playing games including Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean (with a twist) and going to the dock, but we had to cut it short because it started to rain. When we packed up and went back inside we played Hangman and did other activities (as well as ate lunch pretty early). After that we couldn't go into the park. Such a bummer, but that didn't get us down. After playing for a bit in the tent we decided to get wet and play capture the flag again. Again I defended the flag. After that we said bye to the rest of the kids as it was there final day.

The experience was really fun for me especially when I haven't truly worked in that type of field before with that age group. I worked with people way older at Camp Harbor View. Overall, if I say so myself the job really made me have fun with it and got me to do something I thought I'd never do which is kayaking which I did for the first time. I hope the 2nd week is as good as the first!
This picture is when we decided to fish print on that Friday
I hope you guys have a fantastic week like I did!
~Kamal Taylor

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