Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Returning Fisherman

Hello folks,

This is the return of the Fisherman Raymond! I'm super excited to be back this summer as a Lead Harbor Explorer again.

On my first days back I had the chance to be a pirate with Pirate Nora aboard a ship cruising in the clean pristine Boston harbor, singing sea shanties and admiring the tall ships! If there's one thing I've learned since last summer, that's how to tell a story to share an amazing day I had returning to Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay.

At 7:15 AM, my alarm clock went off, rising in volume, "Beep, Beep......... BEEP BEEP". I thought to myself, "Today's the first week of returning to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay". I couldn't help but smile recalling how last year we caught gigantic spider crabs, rock crabs customized with barnacles, a squid, and many unidentified juvenile fish. As I'm changing into my uniform, I stare at my fresh and new "Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay" Polo. In maybe not even a month's time, this very clean polo will be littered with battle stains from wrangling up fish from the Boston harbor, fish print ink, and food stains. I recovered my senses, no longer lost in thought I walked out the house to get to my site early!

Today's objective was to visit Spectacle Island and to get some of the newer folks to learn the ropes of fishing! After some introductions between good ol' Charlie, his new first mate, the new roster of Junior Program assistants, Lead harbor explorers, and Senior Marine Educators we got into small fishing groups. Under my guidance, my teammates Kalid, Jayden, and Edward snagged a total of at least 6 flounders. Soon followed an amazing day of hiking on Spectacle Island's mountainous terrain.

I hope that you guys can one day experience the same joys that I have with fishing and these Boston beaches.

From the fisherman,

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