Friday, July 31, 2015

Accessing All Access!

Hello again fellow adventurers!

This past week I had the opportunity to spend the week with the All Access Boston Harbor crew on Peddocks Island. Peddocks island is by far my favorite of the harbor islands. With a beach that surpasses that of any other island, a huge open field for intense kickball games, and a fishing area teaming with skates and crabs, this island has it all and then some!

Beating the heat!

Any day I get to spend in the water is a good one. Even though the water was ice cold, it was much better than cooking like an egg in the sweltering sun. Whenever you're on a beach with David Coffin, you always have to keep your head on a swivel. David's favorite thing to do on the beach is throw staff members into the water. Fortunately for me, I avoided his grasp last week, but in the future I'll have to keep my guard up. 

Before I could muster up the confidence to jump in the freezing water, I took part in one of the most intense kickball games of my life. The score was 4-2 in the last inning of the game, and my team was up. Never loosing sight of victory, we strode to the plate with our imaginary rally caps on. Everyone kicked the ball with confidence and pure power, and before I could blink, the winning run had crossed the plate and we won! We celebrated our timely victory with a celebratory jump in the water, and an amazing day at Peddocks came to an end. I'm looking forward to many more adventures to the many harbor islands we visit!

Until next time, keep on exploring

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