Thursday, July 30, 2015

New week

Hey Everyone! It's Mauricio again and I am back with another blog on Piers Park Sailing Center! Here At Piers Park we get a new set of kids every week and they do various activities, from sailing, kayaking , catching fish, crabs, periwinkles , mussels, and plankton! I have the best time at Piers Park, the Harbor Explorers are great and always enthusiastic about playing games like fishy fishy cross my ocean , capture the flag, where the wind blows , and even ride that pony. The kids enjoy all the activities that we do, we even do project with them. Yesterday we made plankton nets with the Harbor Explorers. The plankton nets will help us catch a lot of plankton. The kids were so excited about making these and they were good at it for a first time thing. All together, Piers Park is great, the kids, the environment, and the staff! 

Till next blog! Sincerely Mauricio!  

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