Saturday, July 18, 2015

Piers Park Sports

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Hey everyone!
      Friday, we had a great day with the kids at Piers Park because we caught a flounder and we played kick ball next to the East Boston Stadium. If you guys and ladies don't know what a flounder is, it's a fish with two eyes on one side of its body. They are really weird, but it's nature, and cool to see. The kids were so excited that they almost pushed me off the dock because I was trying to put it in the water.
 That day, we also played a different sport. We played kickball at East Boston Stadium. It was an amazing day to play. I carried one of our campers named Coco all the way to the stadium on top of my shoulder, it was killing me but it's great to see them laughing and having a great time. It was a good exercise too, and then all the kids wanted to sit on my shoulder on the way back to the tent at Piers Park,but I injured my toes again. So, I told them they could next time. I had to go to the campfire event at Constitution Beach and I was limping like a old man there but I will tell you about that my next blog.
To Be Continued......... Sincerely, Carlos Garcia

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