Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Site Adventures: Spectacle Island

Hi everyone, it's blog time!

      So, while the rest of the CHV crew got to go on the fishing trip last Thursday, I had the opportunity to take part in All Access Boston Harbor instead. We were going to Spectacle Island that day, which was great for me, since I had not had the chance to go there yet. While we were waiting for the kids to meet us at the Blue Hills Pavilion, I set up a crab trap off the side of the pier. By the time the first groups started to arrive we had caught a couple of small perch and some green crabs, which we set up in a touch tank for the kids to interact with.
One of the All Access kids trying his hand at fishing for the first time!

      Once all the groups arrived, David Coffin gave his welcome speech and we started to get all the kids moving to the ferry. Once everyone was boarded, I started signing groups up for fishing sessions out on the island. The kids were so excited to try, that my fishing schedule was filled to capacity all day long! When we arrived, after a quick lunch. I showed the first group how to set up the crab trap, and then taught them how to properly cast a fishing line. The kids had a blast learning how to fish and catch crabs. After all the groups got a chance to come through and try their hands at fishing, we had to board the ferry and return home. All in all, everyone had a great day!

Bye for now everyone!
Justin Warrener

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