Friday, July 24, 2015

Growth of Blacks Creek

Hello again!

Word of our wonderful program at Blacks Creek keeps spreading, as we keep getting new kids. The parents always let us know that they've heard nothing but good things about us, and that the glowing reviews led to them enrolling their children in our program. The kids are all nice to each other and they love experiencing the water in such stimulating ways.

A new kid in the middle of a name game.

Kids aren't the only new thing at Blacks Creek, though. We've begun playing new games, some of which the kids themselves made up! One such game is known as Museum. In it,  the two "curators" (people who are it) pick a topic such as sports or dance. They turn away, and all of the other kids must strike poses related to that topic. After a quick countdown, the curators turn around and walk amongst the kids, attempting to catch people in the act of changing their pose. The last two people standing are the new curators. It's a fun little game, and the kids love it, even if they do pick weird topics for the poses sometimes.

Some of the kids playing Museum.

The arrival of new kids and new games really helps to keep our program at Blacks Creek fresh and exciting, for the kids and counselors alike.

Until next time!
Dan O'Hara

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