Friday, July 24, 2015

Patience is a Virtue

Hello again fellow explorers!

For anyone that has been fishing before, you know that over everything you need to be PATIENT! For some of the young harbor explorers in our programs, the concept of patience is nonexistent. As a result, they are always looking for other ways to stimulate their energetic minds while they're waiting for that fishing rod to land a monster fish!

#1 on the race track and #1 in your heart
With little to no yield in fishing off the dock at Courageous in past weeks, we came prepared with a wide variety of activities and games to preoccupy the campers. Everyone's favorite event so far has been the crab races. After collecting crabs from our multiple lobster traps on the Courageous dock, everyone (counselors included) picks their favorite crab in hopes that he will be the first to reach the water. Once the race begins, it's pure chaos on the docks. Everyone cheering on their crab until every last one has reached the ocean. This week I was fortunate to pick the winning crab, and of course I took a few moments to bask in the glory of winning the race.

Overseeing a close game of Ninja
Another crowd favorite this week has been Ninja! While it can get slightly violent, Ninja is a great game to keep everyone active and entertained. Everyone playing stands in a circle, and strikes a ninja pose to begin the game. Then going in clockwise order, each person makes one fluent "ninja" move at someone else in the circle, attempting to land a hit on an arm. When someone is hit in the arm, they then "lose" that arm and must continue playing with only one arm. When both of your arms are lost, you are out. The campers would be totally content with playing Ninja for the entire day if we let them, but we have to continue to explore the wonderful waterways that surround our beautiful city.

In addition to games, artwork has become a key component to every day life at courageous. From fish printing to drawing imaginary sea creatures, we've seen some future Van Goh's materializing before our eyes. Overall Courageous has been a site teeming with ocean life, excitement, and creativity. I look forward to coming back every week and learning something new just like the campers!

Until next time, keep on exploring!

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