Sunday, July 19, 2015

See you later IronBoot

Here at Save the Harbor we make history everyday! As our adventurous staff each return to their sites each morning, we try to leave by changing someones life. As David Coffan says, "Do something today you've never done before." I mean our staff is so great, but its all about the children. In everything we do we make the children we are serving our highest priority. 

History being stirred up 
The downfall of IronBoot, the uprise of IronSock
As promised earlier, I want to introduce you all to my good friend IronBoot. IronBoot is a good friend to all the children. Standing at 6 feet 5 inches, wearing a daily size 11 shoe. Or IronBoot as the kids may call it. Realistically he's more of a Public Figure rather than a hero but being a good friend of mine, and understanding our mission here at Save the Harbor, IronBoot took off the boot and is now IronSock. This being because the infamous IronBoot was taken out by many campers this past week. All the kids enjoyed watching him play but loved seeing him honoring a new IronBoot and passing the legacy on. Currently IronBoot, I mean IronSock, has dubbed 

"Reeses", a camper at Blacks Creek, named Alex, the new IronBoot. Despite Reese's smaller size, and not so big foot, my good friend Boot is pretty sure Reese's will carry out his newly appointed position well. 

Through it all, its been an awesome week! 

-Ahmed M. Hassan

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