Thursday, July 30, 2015

Miss Peddocks

Unfortunately this is not a blog about the boat Miss Peddocks, if you were anticipating that my apologies.

Ladies and Gents this is a blog about the wonderful, Peddocks Island.

Personally I have had an amazing time on Peddocks in previous years. I've met Governor Deval Patrick and have hosted thousands of children on our FREE All Access Boston Harbor experience.

Nice to meet again, Tobin Sports Club!
Being our first week out we have accomplished many things on Peddocks. We welcomed our favorite fisherman Sam Schrieber back, landed a few skate, and thrived in a heat wave. Sounds like a lot, right? Wrong. We pride ourselves in our work and once we accomplish one thing we do not like to settle, we dream bigger and work towards the bigger goal. Especially when were catching spider crabs on our rods that are almost a foot in diameter!

Peddocks' beach is also a favorite of many groups. On All Access we cycle islands first Spectacle, George's, Spectacle, then Peddocks. Already we have seen groups like Mission Safe, Revere Rec, and many others return this week for Peddocks. They all enjoy many parts of the island but love the beach the most. Despite being slightly smaller my belief is that they enjoy the slight current that flows through the beach. Or maybe the smooth rocks that can be skipped if the group cannot swim due to their organizations ruling. (We still advise everyone to atleast get their feet wet) Despite spectacle offering equal the amount of opportunity with a shorter commute, Peddocks is still a fan favorite.

Its been a great week, from BCM to AABH, from kickball to swimming, from smiles to excitement. This week could not have went any better.

Talk to you soon,

Ahmed Hassan

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