Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clamming at Carson

Hey guys, today was a really productive Wednesday. The Malden Y kids came to Carson Beach and was ready to start doing some clamming. There were more girls than boys that wanted to clam but that's okay, they were so excited to find some clams deep in the muddy sand. At first the kids were finding empty clam shells, but they kept their ambition up and kept on digging. Eventually, we started to find small clams. As the morning went on the kids started finding bigger clams. Dex wanted to be proactive with the kids and started digging too. As he continued to dig and made the hole bigger, we found clams that were really big. The kids faces light up so much to see how big the clams can get.

Nora also participated in the clamming and found a surf clam! Woah! That was cool because you can only usually find soft shell clams or razor clams at Carson, not surf clam. It's so small but still cool to look at. The surf clam looks lighter color than the usual soft-shell clams.

Until next time!

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