Thursday, July 23, 2015

New things are fun !

invasive crabs
marsh carb

On the left side we have a picture of  invasive crabs but on the right side we have a marsh crab. Now this catch was pretty odd because we did not catch it in the crab trap, instead we caught it on a rod! Let me tell you how it was caught! It was monday afternoon and the crew was re-baiting the fishing rods and a young curious boy came over to ask if he could fish. So Marco and Ana helped to guide him on the right path. As I was picking up the crabs and showing the children the differences between a female and a male, there was an interruption saying " Look ma i caught a crab, I CAUGHT A CRAB, look look" and of course he was so proud that he caught a crab. But it wasn't just any crab it was ..... A MARSH CRAB!!!

It was so pretty, it had these leopard like spots on its legs and arms and the back of the crab was sort of striped and spotted. It was extremely smooth and flat, but on its pincers it had excess meat in the middle of the pincer shaped like a bubble.
This is the Boston Children's Museum crew. We work hard everyday making sure that every child has the opportunity to fish and explore the crabs with us. Although our days can get long and hot we make it through the day with new knowledge every day that we are here. We're here to explore the harbor, trying to find new things and it is fun. When we find something new sometimes we don't remember to take a photo for the blog since we're so caught up in the moment trying to analyze the organism, but maybe next time you'll be able to get the inside scoop from our findings!

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