Monday, July 27, 2015

Meet Makayla

Makayla and I
Now that we are in the middle of the summer more and more kids from last year are coming back in bulks and to make it more of a coincidence there were two pairs of twins this week returning from last year. There was Jacob and Ryan as well as Makayla and Allison. These aren't the only twins that we've had this summer, every week we have at least one set of twins which gets confusing but usually we're able to tell between the two very quickly.

We were wearing capes 
Almost all of the kids were extremely out going right from the first day and had no problem playing with the others except for one of the girls. Makayla, one of the twins, came with two of her sisters but they were pretty mean to her so she would mostly want to sit away from them. Once I noticed I sat with her and just started talking to her and slowly she came out of her shell. By the end of the week she was perfectly fine and running around with all the other kids, constantly asking to wear my sun glasses, asking for piggy back rides and just being comfortable around all the other kids. I was also really excited to hear that her and her sisters will be returning before the summer ends.

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