Monday, July 27, 2015

Until Next Time!

This week marked the end of Camp Harbor View's first session which means, sadly, we will be saying goodbye to all of the campers currently enrolled including the fishing club. Although summer camp has ended for these kids it makes me proud to know I was able to help give them an experience that they are going to remember as they continue through life. At the very least, they have obtained the knowledge necessary to fish-- from stringing fishing poles and attaching weights and hooks, to baiting their own rods and casting into the water.

These children have been given an opportunity to get acquainted with the Boston Harbor, a piece of their home that previously was foreign to them. They learned about the many policies implemented to clean the harbor, the new waste management system engineered to prevent the harbor from being re-polluted, and even about invasive species threatening the populations native to the area. We spent time scouring the island's beaches searching for Asian shore crabs, a subject these children are now well versed on; they can tell you the sex of the crabs, how to locate and capture them, and why they are a danger to the crabs native to Boston. The campers had so much fun working with us and learning about fishing that I've heard from many of them their plans to return next year and join our fishing club. I would love to see them again next year and spend another summer fishing the days away!


Maxwilliams Iwuala

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