Saturday, July 25, 2015

CBI and Courageous for the first time

Hey guys,
This week I had the chance to go to Courageous Sailing and Community Boating Inc. It was amazing. At Courageous, we caught a lobster, which was great, because it was my first lobster of the summer.
At Courageous we also played a very intense game of ninja, and I won in a one on one battle with Ruth!! Next we headed to CBI and there we caught 4 Green Sunfish and one Yellow Perch. That was the most successful fishing I have had all summer.
It was great to teach the kids how to properly hold a fish, take it off of the hook, release it, and even to give a fish CPR. The group was so intrigued and I felt very successful at the end of the day knowing that the kids enjoyed fishing, and learned from the experience. Even though the kids were rewarding enough, I got the chance to work with an amazing group of Harbor Educators and I learned soo much from them. I am so glad I was able to experience that and help them out. 
Until next time!

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