Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eastie campfire was a blast

Found the clams 
Even though being at work had already drained the energy out of me, I am glad I went to the Eastie campfire because it was soooo much fun ! We looked for clams, found different crabs, danced, and the kids played games! When we arrived to the beach it was pretty packed. Even the DJ had said it was the biggest turnout they had so far! If you weren't there or have not gone yet, I suggest that you go next time. In the beginning we started off with the search for clams and thats when a little girl found a hermit crab without its shell, so we spent about 10 minutes trying to look for a shell but every time we found a shell there was a periwinkle inside so we told the kids to sing to it and it would come out. Then we all slowly shifted into dancing; we danced to the cha cha slide and the latest tunes from the radio! After that families and friends looked for marbles all over the beach to win a prize, and although there were only supposed to be 2 marbles found originally it turned out to be three! Then we continued to dance and I even requesed a song and the DJ played it. That's when the Save The Harbor crew danced all together! I taught Caroline and Nikita how to dance bachata, and they were pretty good.  I wish I could go back.

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