Saturday, July 18, 2015

Introducing Fishing at Carson Beach

Horseshoe crab selfie!
The Carson Beach site is in it's second week, and everyday gets better and better! This week we introduced fishing to many of the youth groups on the beach. I had a limited knowledge of fishing before this week, and now I feel ready to go out everyday and fish! Since some of the kids we work with are very young or have no fishing experience, we have been giving casting lessons. Every kid is extremely enthused to try out the fish pole and always ask for more than one try. Though we were looking not to catch anything, our lures attracted a horseshoe crab! It was the first horseshoe crab we've seen this summer, horseshoe crabs are amazing creatures and I hope to see more at Carson!
Lining up for fishing lessons!
It seems like a tradition to end a week at Carson with a nice paddle around in a kayak. This Friday, we all took double kayaks out, which was a nice bonding experience for all the staff at Carson. We all went out far and got a good work out in.

Til next week!


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