Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Trash Tree

The staff at Camp Harbor View really gives their all to try to make it a good time for the kids there, and this week is no exception. Thursday and Friday this week saw any kids involved the Knowledge Is Power, or KIP, section of the camp sent on an Amazing Race. This race would require groups of kids to work together as they figured out puzzles, or did activities. Upon completing one puzzle or activity, they would be given a clue that would lead them to another location of the camp for a new one. Save the Harbor was involved with this race. We were located on what they call 'Shell Beach' on the island. When groups came to us, we would ask them to scan the beach. Each time requiring them to collect three different objects. The objects varied from things like oyster shells, clam shells, plastic bits, sea glass and more. We would often have instances where multiple groups would show up at one time because certain kids would run in front of their other group members.
Incomplete Trash Tree
On Friday we showed up earlier to our location for the race then we needed to be. Groups wouldn't be showing up for another 25 minutes or so by the time we were ready for them. In this time, I did what we were asking the kids to do myself, I searched the beach. When I first started, I saw normal beach stuff, shells, sand, trash, etc. But I was stopped when I saw the tree. It was a small pine tree, about four feet tall. It was completely dead and turned brown, with one side of it decaying or gone. I had the idea to ease my boredom waiting for the kids by standing it upright like a Christmas Tree. I decorated it with garbage that had washed up on the shore like ornaments. I also used bricks that were there like presents for underneath it. I myself was not impressed with the final outcome, but it was cool to be able to create something out of what would have just laid there otherwise.

-Ian P.

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