Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Off To A Good Start

     The week is off to a great start for the simple fact that I began mine at CHV (Camp Harbor View). Being a former camper for 4 years straight it's very easy for myself to become accustom to the environment, in fact their was no adjustment besides me not being able to be a kid again like old times. CHV is a very welcoming community and I see many faces that I recognize. There was a great feeling of relief on my part seeing some of the people I grew up with at camp after not seeing or hearing from them in years. Besides being the most loved and remember on the campus of Long Island the campers enjoyed the activity of finding invasive Asian Shore crabs. (Depicted in the figure below is the Asian Shore crab which is invasive due to high competition for food supply and habituation with the native Crabs)

     Being at Carson Beach was exciting although I visit all the time, this time was much different from my own personal trips. From playing corn-hole on the sand to helping kids play soccer, I enjoyed myself. It started with a great comeback in corn-hole! Honestly before that day I didn't know the rules and how to keep score... All I know was my team was down and I hate losing! So we game planned and went on a run to overcome our deficit. 

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