Saturday, July 18, 2015

Camp fire and drawing

The second week is over and it feels good! When the summer first started everything was so new and uncomfortable but as the weeks go on its getting better. I have become accustomed to doing things on my own and getting into the swing of it. Not having to go to my peers when someone needs help with fishing or if they have a question is the best feeling. Being able to do all these things feels good. I still need assistance from my coworkers but not as frequently. They still always teach me new things. We implemented drawing and coloring onto our site at the Children's Museum. I think I had more fun doing that then the kids did.
Thursday we attended the Eastie Campfire that they hold once a month. The event was such a good time. We looked for hermit crabs, clams and other sea creatures, they were so excited whenever they found something. Then we stuck around and participated in dancing, I never knew about this event until now. It's so much fun and there should be more like it!

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