Monday, July 20, 2015

Camp Songs and the Amazing Race!

Hi Everyone! It's blog post time!

      So this week we were lucky enough to get to participate in a couple of Camp Harbor View traditions: the camp song and the Amazing Race. Every morning, before the campers get off the ferry, they all gather on the top deck to sing a camp song together, led by some of the staff there. On Thursday we got the opportunity to lead the campers in a Save the Harbor remix of one of their songs, normally called the Pizza Man Song. Our version was the Fisherman Song. The campers really got into it.
The Save the Harbor team, leading the daily camp song.
      The other tradition we got the chance to participate in was the Amazing Race. The race is basically a big scavenger hunt around the whole island.There are several stations set up at different sites across the island, including the dock, the lighthouse, the art pavilion, the great hall, and Shell Beach. At each site the teams are directed to perform some kind of task in order to get the next clue. We set up our station on Shell Beach. As each team came through we asked them to work together to find 3 different object on the beach. Usually we asked for some kinds of shell (either an oyster or a mussel shell), something man made (either sea glass, something metal, something plastic, etc.), or a blue marble that we had hidden on the beach. After they found the objects the group had to take a picture with them before getting their next clue. The kids had a great time, and the Race gave us a chance to build on what we taught them about sea glass the day before with the storytelling game.
A team successfully completes the Shell Beach portion of the Amazing Race!

Hey hey bo diddly bop,

Justin Warrener

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