Friday, July 24, 2015

Making friends

One of my favorite things about this job is being with different kids every week. It does get challenging sometimes being with kids all the time, but it has been such a learning experience from last summer, and even this summer so far. Also being able to see how even the shyest of them gets out of their shell so easily. Every week there's at least two different kids that don't want to talk when we play the name games or just stay away from the rest of the others, but usually after the first day they get over it and want to participate in everything. Those who are a bit more shy than the others are initially my favorite, mostly because that is how I was when I was younger, and I am in no way shy now.

I witnessed one of the cutest things happen yesterday. Since it is nearing the end of the week the kids are completely comfortable playing a bunch of different games as well as telling each other secrets. Two of the little girls even decided they wanted to be best friends and ask their parents to keep bringing them every week so they can hang out for the rest of the summer. These two do everything together now; they sit next to each other during lunch, when one goes to the bathroom the other one goes, they always play with each other at the park, they are practically inseparable. It's just really nice seeing friendships like that start, who knows they may even stay friends as they get older and when they look back to think about when it started they were just little harbor explorers.

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