Friday, July 17, 2015

Exploring Land and Sea......

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Hey everyone!
      This week is going great, we had new faces in the program at Piers Park. Every week we get new kids. The first day I went sailing with the kids,  sailing was so much fun. We went exploring in the harbor. When I went with the kids sailing, they were so excited to go on because they wanted to learn what part of the ocean we were on and what places we would pass through in the harbor.
 photo IMG_0301_zps1vqvac5x.jpg       I go on the kayak everyday because its' so much fun and exciting. It's a lot of work but the kids enjoy it. One thing they enjoy about the kayaks is when the wave go up and down from the boats that we pass but mostly they enjoy going on the kayaks because they love catching some jelly fishes. They enjoy going with me because they feel safe with me and I go fast on the kayaks.

Until next time, Carlos 

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