Monday, July 27, 2015


A well picked team if i do say so myself
The best part about winning sometimes is not the victory but the path to glory. Despite my kickball teams continuous victory no matter the site placement.

As stated in previous blogs we, the save the harbor crew, pride ourselves in the work we do. Hey, sometimes I may awake annoyed due to my alarms ignorant blaring at seven in the morning to get me up but at the same time that frown turns upside down shortly after remembrance of the endless possibilities the day may hold for us.

Safety First
Blacks Creek is a blast this year. The key has been many of the returning campers. Some of the newer campers become excited when they see how happy the returners are and instantly become wrapped up in whatever the group is doing. We have even received many "Thank You's" and "What are you'll doing different this year" alongside many uplifting smiles. Truthfully, I do my job in one manner, lead. Whether its by example or teaching my goal is to improve the quality of our children's daily life. But as I teach and lead I am also learning. For example, Nate has taught that you can go knee deep into the water and still come out and play kickball as if nothing had happened. (Despite getting a cut after sliding he still went home happy!) Or even simply learning that when a child does not want to do something with the group giving them that one on one attention is better than letting them do whatever they'd like.

These little parts of our day have been very advantageous towards the enormous progression seen in our summer. Becoming enlightened by more than the suns super hot rays we are growing. August is around the corner and we shall try to do more, not settle for augustitis, and be better. On AABH we have a saying I believe it goes "No Gum, No Running, No Jumping", but at our other sites I like to implement "Safety and Leadership First, Everything else second".

Until Next Time

-Ahmed Hassan

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