Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fish Print Fridays

Here at Save The Harbor, we make amazing fish prints with the children. Usually painted with about two or three colors, you cover a fish with paint. When you have successfully painted the fish, you then place a piece of paper on the fish. When you lift it up; voila!, you now have an amazing fish print! Children and the staff love making them. After the fish print is made, we usually keep them to make a big mural at the end of the summer. Watching the kids frantically paint and splash the fish with paint is always a joy to watch. It is just one of the priceless moments here at Save The Harbor.

After an amazing day of fish prints, I had an opportunity to teach a few kids how to fish. Although we didn't catch anything, its always a blast watching children do things for the first time. Fishing has always been really interesting to me and since learning I am glad I can teach other kids. I have a blast fishing and watching children learn. Well, until next time, Preston.

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