Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eastie Campfire!!!

Spider Crab!
What a wonderful second week I had at Piers Park Sailing Center! It started out with a surprise that our crab trap went missing but towards the end of the week the staff at Piers Park gladly got us not just one but one big crab trap known as "The Crab Hotel" and 4 smaller traps. The Kids and I couldn't been any more thrilled to try them out. Our smaller traps wasn't even down for ten minutes and each small trap had 4-5 crabs. There were Green Crabs, Spider Crabs and Rock Crabs! Seeing what our small traps can get, I'm beyond excited to see what our Crab Hotel will get!

Eastie Campfire Crew! 
On top of another amazing week at Piers Park, we also had a very successful time at our Eastie Campfire at Constitution Beach! There was so much going on that night, from a dance party to marshmallows to finding clams in the sand!

The DJ they have was awesome, playing all types of music from Taylor Swift to Bachata music. So, if you are like me and never knew bachata, you quickly got a dance lesson! Seeing the smiles from everyone that came was an awesome feeling. If dancing wasn't your style, there was plenty of marshmallows to go around, which is a big thanks to the YMCA for setting that up. Sticky fingers and faces were everywhere you turned.

Clams and more clams!
Time for some tunes!
Our Beach Walk was exciting for everyone, and most were shocked they were able to look for clams there. Having the kids jump on the sand, looking for those bubbles that indicates there's a calm right below their toes, was filled with laughs and smiles. Voices got louder and sand started going everywhere once they started digging out their clams. The kids quickly noticed that they were finding not just one type of clam and pointing out that was one had a softer shell and the other one had a harder shell. With their great observations, it was easy to show them that we were finding soft shell clams and the other one being hard shell clams, known as Quahogs. One of our kids even found an Oyster!

YMCA handing out marshmallows!
Roasting Marshmallows!
Overall, this week has been spectacular! At the Eastie Campfire, one of my Harbor Explorers from Piers Park and his family was enjoying everything from the marshmallows to the digging in the sand. I was able to really talk to his parents about the programs and events Save The Harbor/Save The Bay does for the community. They were thrilled about everything and said "That their son learns just as much and maybe even more there, than he does sitting in a classroom!" and that "Each morning, he is even more excited to come to Piers Park!". Those words made my week!

We were here!! 
Till our next adventure,
Nikita Cayabyab

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