Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Piers, Windchimes, and Soccer

Hey everybody! I'm back for a fun filled week on the beach and at the river!
Wind chimes
       Today at Carson we had a ton of fun with America Scores. This week is going to be a scorcher so we did less running and more drills and water breaks. I discovered that heat is no laughing matter and after a certain temperature it can get dangerous to physically over exert yourself. After some fun ball drills we made wind chimes. America SCORES brought shells with holes in it, sea glass, and string to make our wind chimes. Since America SCORES brought their own shells and sea glass it wasn't a problem. But you can also make your own wind chime with a short trip to the beach. Unless it is a Harbor Island or a place where it specifically states that you can't take anything off the beach you are welcome to explore and take home little souvenirs. We also found a ton of hermit crabs while the tide was coming in. One quick tip: if you stand still while the water washes over your feet, not only will the sand settle but everything becomes clear. Especially what's moving and what isn't. Then you can easily grab the crabs.
    We also go clamming almost everyday. Today we found a crab, which I named Charles. He was to quick for us and jumped out of my hands and into the surf before we could identify him but his shell was very pretty. We assumed he was an Asian Shore Crab. All in all today was a very successful day that I enjoyed immensely
Cornhole in the morning
Excited as always,
Ruth Scott

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