Friday, July 24, 2015

Playing Games Invented By the Kids

A playing field at Blacks Creek 
Today at Blacks Creek we played games that the kids came up with! This one kid said he was "tired of playing the same old game" and he would like to come up with a new game that was fun and challenging. One of the games the kids came up with was called "Shark and Minnows", the game was basically like freeze tag, but instead of one person tagging other people, it was 3 people holding hands and going around tagging other kids. Once you are tagged, you join the 3 people tagging until one person is left.
The Kids playing "Shark and Minnows"

The game ended up being fun and most of the kids liked it! It's great to see that their creativity paid off! Now, we play "Shark and Minnows" almost everyday at Blacks Creek with the kids.

                                                         Till next time,

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