Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sand sculpting

Sunday was a sandy day. Save the harbor staff went to Revere Beach to do a sand sculpting competition. One group decided to do the Save the Harbor logo while the team I was on was planning to do a touch tank. The touch tank came out as a bust. It was really bad. It honestly just looked like a mound of sand piled on top of each other with really bad pictures on them. We honestly gave up on that sculpture, like it was really just a failure.
Then, Ian came up with sculpting an alligator and we all pitched in and it came out amazingly. I was shocked how good it looked. Since the alligator ended up looking how amazing it was, we decided we were going to enter that in the competition. That "fish tank" ended up turning into a chair for us to sit down in when we needed to relax really quickly. It's a good thing that we entered that alligator sculpture because it won first place. The Save the Harbor logo did look good too .Until next time bye guys


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