Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keep on Kicking & Clamming at Carson!

This Tuesday at Carson we had a boat load of kids on the beach but had more than enough room for activities. The morning started off with a few rounds of corn hole provided by America SCORES and the New England Revolution. Some people, like Carlos, found a natural rhythm to the game. A few games got pretty close; there was even a comeback by Carlos and Dexter, who were down 6-0 but were able to rally and win the game. Following corn hole, kids were split up to do different soccer games and activities. Soccer games can get very competitive, but it's always good to see kids cheering on or celebrating their fellow campers.

The kids who did not want to participate in soccer, made their way down to the beach. They spent the day swimming, digging for clams, and hunting for hermit crabs. Kids are always fascinated by how a clam works and ask a lot of questions. Some are even overwhelmed with how many they can find by just digging one hole. This Wednesday, we had similar reactions from a group of kids who also took on the challenge of digging through Carson's thick mud during low tide. Soft-shell calms have been the most abundant on Carson, ranging in size but we always manage to find something amazing. Today our find was a small surf clam! The one I found was extremely small but still an awesome find on Carson! Now including the surf clam, we have found six different bivalve species while exploring the intertidal zone.

I'm looking forward to keeping everyone up to date on more of our finds at Carson!

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