Saturday, July 18, 2015

Courageous Crabs

The life of a crab can be difficult. One minute you're chomping down on an all you can eat mackerel buffet, and the next minute you're skyrocketing to the surface in what you now realize is a lobster trap. Once on the surface there's multiple kids surrounding your metal prison all eager to find out just what you are. Fret not! for our highly trained staff at Save the Harbor has prepared these young ones to handle you with care and compassion.

Take notes, this is how you hold a crab properly 

Once the initial shell shock (pun intended) has subsided, and you've had a chance to calm down, you see that the surface isn't all that bad. The strange clear force field you're not subjected to is baffling, but it's filled with water and also the same crabs you had just been enjoying a nice meal with in the
Friends till the end!
lobster trap. The occasional hand reaches in to pick you up and take a look, but more often than not the ordeal finishes with the flash of a camera. It seems all eyes are on you (quite literally) and there's no time for stage fright because someone in a blue collared shirt is explaining almost everything there is to know about you in great detail. At this point you're feeling pretty flattered, and once you get back in the tank you're beaming with confidence.

Then there is an uneasy calm before the storm. After a few minutes of peace and quite, suddenly hands are flying in from every direction, you have no idea what's going on when you're picked up by a small child and placed behind a broom stick. Since the stick is too high to see over, your mind is racing with possibilities of what is on the other side. You have no idea what to expect when the broom is lifted, and then your filled with a jolt of excitement when you see the edge of the water within sprinting distance!

And they're off!

Amidst the thundering cheers of what feels like a stadium full of fans, you and your other crab friends make a mad dash for the ocean. It's within your grasp! Just a few more feet and then SPLASH! The cool ocean water is a sign of relief, as you now can relax and float gently back to the ocean floor you call home. All is well again and life can resume back to normal.....

That is, until you come across another tasty all you can eat mackerel buffet!

Until next time, keep on exploring!

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