Monday, July 27, 2015

Good Bye CHV Session One

     This week at Camp Harbor View was bitter sweet. It was the last week of the first session, meaning that the kids that we have been with for the past weeks here are going to be changed. It's pretty sad to know that I probably won't see the kids that I made a connection with for these last three weeks. I was hoping to see them one last time on Friday, but because of MLK I will not be able to have that chance. Although they were young, they were still a good time and made the days at Camp Harbor View go faster. 

     These three days at the camp we did beach walks with the campers during the first two periods. We even had a competition between light houses as to which one of the teams could get the most Asian Shore Crabs. The first team, M Dot, which may have been my favorite team because it was where I talked to most of the campers and staff, had gotten 166 crabs. I thought no one would beat them, until the very next period was able to get 171 and then took the lead. The next day the first was not really into the crabs so they only had gotten 34. But the fourth team was on their game and caught 370 crabs, which I feel was amazing. The last team caught 206. So in three days we got rid of almost 1000 Asian Shore Crabs. We then used them as chum in order to call more fishes to the dock where we fish from. I don't know if the chum worked or not, but we were able to catch a skate today.

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