Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peaking Choggie

It felt good to go back to the Boston Children Museum this past monday. No, there were not familiar faces but there were many groups consisting of tourist, commuters, and visitors of the museum who were interested in what we do. Surprisingly enough after our first cast we landed a Choggie. We collectively have been on a role this summer! Identifying  a new fish is not the easiest thing to do but with the help of Mike and our reference book we were able to provide the right name to the children and their families.

The ever so "scary" spider crab
Numerically two comes after three and so on. This was exactly what continued to happen. By noon we had successfully caught four Choggies with the help of some awesome kids. Great success.

Our catch report for Monday was fairly impressive. It offered a wide variety. The highlight of my day  definitely would have had to been watching the children play with the touch tank using a dip net to pick up the crabs. Many of the children were frightened of the spider crabs but after explaining to them that if interacted with appropriately they can be harmless: they opened up to us. It always awesome watching our children overcome their fears. Especially when some adults are so reluctant to interacting with our touch tank even after their children have help numerous sea creatures.

Its been an awesome start to the week and am looking forward to our next few days!

-Ahmed Hassan

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